Josh Armijo

Art, in all its splendid forms, is inspired by The Muse: That most elusive of creatures that only visits when she’s ready, that toys with emotions, that withdraws at inopportune moments when the artist’s concentration is lagging or more frustratingly when the artist has caught a glimpse of meaning but has been left alone, in the dark recesses of his own subconscious, to figure it out.

            Josh Armijo, a self proclaimed man of pashion (passionate and stylish) has been visited by the elusive muse since the age of five. Born in Montana and an enrolled member of the Flathead Tribe, he grew up surrounded by extended family members who taught him to draw his reality as well as question it. This questioning spirit combined with a Flathead/Irish heritage has resulted in a fiery individual who has command of his creative gifts and can conduct his art like an orchestra: He achieves a symphony on canvas using light and color and the kind of ideas that most people wish they could express vocally, let alone visually.

            This ability has not come without a painful growth process. Josh has never been the kind of man who could learn things the easy way. In fact his biggest obstacle on the road to creative success was to get out of the box by renouncing many self-imposed, childhood expectations, including the one about “Art is not a real job.”  And of course the more popular, “Grow up, get married, have children and retire,” plan.  No, Josh has learned his lessons in life the hard way, the way you have to learn them in order to understand why they are necessary.

            And luckily for those of us who are avid admirers of Josh’s work, all those lessons have coalesced into a conscious collection of a life expressed. The gift of creativity has a way of enhancing a sense of the future and using past experiences as mile markers on a longer journey. After all, life is not about the end result, it’s what you achieve on the way.

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